Want to know what you’ll do during these four weeks? 

Each week we’ll have an hour-long conference call (which will be recorded for you) where we’ll have a little education, discuss our goals and projects for the week, and get some time for Q&A.  You’ll also receive slides to accompany the calls, weekly handouts to help you keep track of your progress, a fun and useful homework assignment, recommended reading and a few little surprises along the way. Healthy Eating

Week one:  How do I shop for healthy food?

During the first week, we’ll each set our intentions for the program – I’ll help you create concrete, achievable goals that meet those intentions.  You’ll get a lesson on label reading, deciding what to buy (and what to avoid) and an example of a healthy grocery trip.

Week two:  Do I have to buy all organic food?  How do I afford this?

This week we’ll talk about the differences between organic, natural, local, conventional and figure out what we should be purchasing – and where.  We’ll also delve into how to afford to eat healthier – let’s face it, it can be EXPENSIVE if you don’t know what you are looking for!

Week three:  Please help my kids eat better!

Week three introduces ways to get your family involved.   Most kids will gravitate towards junk food given the choice – so we’ll talk about ways to ensure they are eating healthier foods and ENJOYING it!

As a bonus this week, you’ll also get a copy of my Menu Planning e-course ($19.99 value) and we’ll discuss how to menu plan and why it can improve your health AND quality of life.

Week four:  What do I do when I’m not at home?  Or when life gets crazy busy?  What if I HATE to cook?

We’ll answer these questions this week – and make sure you have a game plan for whatever life throws your way!  After week four you’ll feel confident you know what to do in any situation!

Just imagine – in four short weeks you’ll be an expert on healthy eating – and be prepared to help yourself and your family achieve a lifetime of healthy living!  

Have questions? Check out the FAQ’s for this program HERE.

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