Halloween HouseAlmost Halloween!  One of my favorite holidays.  Yesterday, the spider web went up (see picture!).  It looks awesome doesn’t it?

Although Halloween can be a lot of fun, it can also be dangerous to those of us trying to live a healthy life.  I’m all about moderation, so I see nothing wrong with a few pieces of candy on the 31st, but let’s keep it at a few pieces!  Looking for more healthy Halloween tips?

  • Go trick or treating WITH your kids – it’s fun for you and them and it’s an automatic walk – great way to up your activity level
  • Visit a corn maze or a haunted woods.  Physical activity and fun!
  • Have a healthy dinner prepared BEFORE the trick or treating commences.  Chili, soup or a nice salad will help fill you up and make the bags of candy less desirable.
  • Chew gum while you are out trick or treating with your kids – you’re less likely to steal a piece of candy or two if your mouth is already busy chewing.
  • And finally, when Halloween is over, here are a few ideas from an old post on how to get rid of the candy.

There is STILL time to begin a healthier lifestyle before the holidays begin.  Right now I have room in my schedule for only ONE more client.  Could it be YOU?  Contact me today for a FREE clarity session and we’ll decide together!

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