Need a fun (but healthy) after school snack for your kids?  This one took a little bit of work (truly just a little – maybe 15 minutes including picture-taking) but it was super easy, delicious and HEALTHY.   When my son saw it he said “Oh boy!”  and then gobbled down every last bite.  Works for me!

Happy Halloween

Some of these ideas I tweaked from Family Fun Magazine, some I came up with on my own.  Here is the play by play:

Snack one – Pumpkin Patch

Peel carrots and cut into bite sized pieces.  Cut off the corners into a “pumpkin” shape.  Add a toothpick and set in a “field” of hummus.  Yum!

pumpkin carrots


Snack two – banana “ghosts” 

Slice off the top of the banana and add a couple of chocolate chips for eyes.


Snack three – cucumber “eyeballs”

Slice a small cucumber into 1/2 inch pieces.  Top with a dab of cheese (I used laughing cow because my kids like it, but half a ball of mozzarella or a bit of string cheese would work well too), top the cheese with an olive slice.

cucumber snacksSnack four – Jack-O-Lantern orange

With a black sharpie, draw a Jack-O-Lantern on your orange!

Halloween OrangePut them all together and you have a simple, healthy and CUTE snack for your trick or treaters.  How about serving this on the 31st before they go out and collect candy?  At least you’ll start them out with a healthy base!

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