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Have you heard about the latest trend in dinner prep?   All the ingredients for a meal ready to be prepared sent directly to your house?  The idea intrigued me – I could think of a variety of situations where this would be very useful, so I’m on a mission to test a few of these out.

The first one I tried is a company called HelloFresh.  I liked the premise that the food is all fresh, there is an ability to customize your meals, and that the company has a lot of good reviews.  I logged onto the site and ordered a meal plan for 2.  Ready to hear what I thought?


  • The presentation was lovely.  The packaging was attractive, I liked that the meals were packaged individually and since one of my meats had leaked during shipping, I thought it was smart that the meat was separated from the rest of the ingredients.

Hello Freshleaking meat

  • There was a nice variety of dishes.  I was able to select a beef, turkey and sausage meal.
  • The cost was definitely less than I would spend for dinner for two in a restaurant.
  • There was a lot of food in each meal.
  • It was very convenient – no trip to the store as I had everything I needed to prepare all three meals.
  • There were no partial ingredients left to go to waste in the fridge.


  • It was easy.  I consider myself a fairly advanced cook and the directions were simple and straightforward.  I even timed it and the suggested times were spot on.


  • The meals were pretty sophisticated – my kids are GOOD eaters, but they wouldn’t eat any of the meals as prepared.  By the second one I got smart and did my old standby method of not mixing their food together/ not cooking all of it/ etc.  (see the difference between these two pictures? – same ingredients just not all “prepared”?).

IMG_2650 IMG_2651

  • I was glad I did the 2 person plan versus 4 – it was enough food for us (although we aren’t big eaters).  The 4 person plan is pretty expensive – that’s a whole week’s worth of groceries for our family.
  • You have to manually suspend the order or it will ship automatically – I can see where that could be a problem if you get sidetracked and forget!

Overall, I did like the service and I could see some terrific uses for it:

  • A very busy season of life
  • A couple or family that is dependent upon eating at restaurants – this would be cheaper and hopefully easy enough that they would eat at home more.
  • Someone who just likes the convenience of having a few meals a week planned out and shopped for.

I guess the big question is, would I try it again?  I might.  I enjoyed all the meals – they tasted great and are ones I would prepare again.  I plan on keeping my subscription for a few more months and seeing if there are any weeks that look super interesting.

I plan on testing out a few other companies in the next few months, so keep on the lookout for upcoming reviews.

Please note that I did not receive any compensation from HelloFresh for this review – I spent my own money and the opinions stated are my own.  If you are interested in trying out HelloFresh, I do have a great coupon for you — go to THIS LINK and sign up and you’ll get $40 off your first box.   Just remember to cancel or suspend your order if you don’t want it to keep arriving on your doorstep each week! If you try it, I’d love to know what you think!

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