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One of the areas I focus on in my life is healthy relationships.  No matter how well you eat and how consistently you exercise, if your relationships are a mess, you WON’T be healthy OR happy.  It’s that important. Holiday traditions are an important way to help build those relationships.

So I like to share fun tips and ideas to help you strengthen and build your relationships with family, friends and anyone else important in your life.

December is a wonderful time to focus on relationships.  There are so many opportunities – most of which don’t have to cost a dime – just a little planning and time.

I bet you already have a number of holiday traditions – maybe you don’t realize it, but there are probably certain things you do every year with your family or friends.  Why not make the most of those, and really make an effort to make them special.  Traditions are fun and memorable and they usually make you feel good.

Since it’s early in the month, I encourage you to sit down with your family (make some cocoa and popcorn to make the planning itself a fun tradition!) and talk about y what you want to make sure to do this month – let everyone pick one or two favorite traditions and put them on your calendar – don’t let the month slip by without making some special holiday memories.

Need some inspiration?  Here are some of our family favorites:

  • Advent calendar – I stick little pieces of paper in many of the days with things to do (watch a certain Christmas special, bake holiday cookies, read a holiday book, etc.)
  • Admire Christmas lights while drinking hot cocoa – bonus if you go in your pajamas
  • Local Christmas party and visit with Santa
  • Wrap gifts together for the relatives
  • Take cookies and coffee to the school staff
  • Watch “Elf” – that movie cracks us all up
  • Elf on the Shelf
  • Have a “Crash” dinner (more on that later)
  • Camp out in the family room

I’d LOVE to hear more!  Please share your favorite holiday traditions in the comments!!!

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  1. I love the advent calendar as a way to promote fun activities together instead of the chocolate and sweets often found as the daily surprise. Great suggestion!

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