How do YOU Want to Learn?

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to learn something new this Fall – that it can be fun and improve your life.  What’s great about our lifestyles today is that we don’t neccesarily have to go to a physical building to learn something new.  For people who weren’t fans of traditional schools this can be a lifesaver. There are so many different ways we can learn – truly something for everyone.

It can also be really fun to learn with others.  Got some girlfriends who are up for fun?  Why don’t you get together and take a cooking or painting class?  Or create a book club or wine tasting club?  There are dozens of fun ideas for learning with friends.

Maybe you feel the need to spend more quality times with your kids (hello working mom guilt!!!).  Find out what they are interested in and research that topic – check out books from the library or attend an event or museum together to learn more.

Date night fallen by the wayside?  Learning something new as a couple would be a fantastic way to spend quality time together, have something fun to talk about and plan, and it would ensure you get out regularly.

Might be that travel and learning combined would get you excited.  All you need to do is type in your topic and the world travel or tourism and see what you find.  I’ve seen trips for cooking, history and even some our local zoo offers around animal or ecotourism education.  Fun stuff!

Of course there is also the good old traditional school.  Most colleges and universities offer adult education, so that is a great way to learn something new.  Many of them even offer some of their classes online so you don’t even have to leave home to get started.

Go back to your list from last week on topics you’d like to learn about and do a little old-fashioned internet searching to see what types of classes you can find.  Pick just one or two to concentrate on and get yourself signed up for a class, workshop or pick up some books on the topic to research.  I’ve decided this fall to get some extra education around creating amazing group programs, so I’ve been digging into that topic every week and very much enjoying the course I joined to increase my knowledge in that area.  I’m also planning to do something fun – just haven’t figured out what yet so looking for ideas!!! Share what you found in the comments – maybe it will help someone else with their search.

In addition to last week’s intro on Brain Power, a couple of other amazing concentration/ learning oils that I love are Clarity, GeneYus and Peppermint.  Check out their amazing properties by doing a quick search HERE – and I’ll talk more about them Thursday on Facebook Live.

Looking for a different way to learn with a group of friends?  Check out the variety of workshops I offer . If you are in the Indianapolis area, I can come to your location for a fun night out, but even if you aren’t local we can do an online workshop!  It’s a fun and easy way to learn!

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