I hope you’ve enjoyed playing around with the Essential Oil Joy this month.  I know I did – it definitely became a habit for me to run a few drops through my hair, and I had several people comment on how nice my hair smelled.  What an easy and natural way to get delicious smelling hair!   I also shared how to make delicious scented note cards.

It was a lot of fun making the lotion bars.  For those of you who missed that Facebook Live episode, the recipe is HERE so you’ll have it handy whenever you get the desire to make some of your own.

I know this was one of the more expensive oils we will cover this year, but it is composed of so many wonderful oils that it’s truly worth every penny – and the bottle will last you a long time!  Even though the month is over, you can still order some and refer back to this post for ways to use it.

Next month we will be diving into Lemon.  You don’t want to miss that as this oil is one of the least expensive while having a HUGE variety of uses.  Make sure and check back throughout the month here and on my Facebook Page to learn all about the essential oil Lemon.

Want to play along next month?  Check out the Oil of the Month Club Page for more info.

Need a quick start on making the most of every day?  A way to jump in and start enjoying life while you are planning out your next year?  Check out Make the Most of Every Day and start creating a life you love right away!!!

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