Hopefully you agree with me on the need to exercise (remember all the benefits?).  This week we’ll talk about what exactly you should be doing for exercise.

There are three main components to exercise:  stretching, strength and aerobic.  Ideally we’d do all three most days, but very few people have the hour plus each day available.  If you are a busy working mom it can be a struggle to find even 20 minutes!

Instead of stressing out about what you can’t do, focus on what you CAN do.  For example, if you can squeeze in 20 to 30 minutes a day, switch it up each day between something aerobic and something strength based.  Then do a few stretches when you first wake up as part of your morning routine or in the evening before you get into bed.  Even a 5 minute stretch break at work will do wonders for you!  Right now I’m a huge fan of Pilates as it combines the strengthening and stretching.  Find yourself with a day with more free time?  Go for an extra walk or run.

Another great way to cover all the exercise bases is to add in short bursts of exercise whenever you can.  Stretch during commercials, lift light hand weights while watching TV, take a ten minute walk after lunch and dinner.  Last Thursday I did a super quick Facebook Live sharing 3 easy ways busy moms can get more exercise.  Check it out HERE.

However you fit it in, make sure you are getting a bit of all three and doing something every day.  I know it seems impossible, but all 3 types of exercise are important:

  • Aerobic – strengthens your heart, lungs and helps with weight control
  • Strength – great for your bones, muscles and can help increase your everyday metabolism
  • Stretching – stress reliever, keeps your body supple and young

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Interested in a real life example?  Here’s what I’m currently doing – my workout routine tends to change with the seasons, but this one’s been working well for me since April:

  • 5 to 6 days a week I do 10 to 40 minutes of pilates or yoga (minimum 10 but I aim for longer sessions 3x)
  • Every day I walk either 30 on the treadmill or take the dog for a 30 minute walk
  • If I have extra time I walk the dog

So you can see I’m getting strength (pilates), stretching (yoga/pilates) and aerobic (walking) every week.  It’s not perfect and sometimes I find myself squeezing in 10 minutes of pilates at lunch or walking the dog with the kids before bed, but it does cover the bases and keeps me in good shape during a very busy season of life.

Thursday I’ll be back on Facebook to talk about new or different ideas for ways to exercise and how to figure out what you LIKE to do.  Join me around 12:30 EST on my Facebook page!  I’ll also share another great use for Peppermint Oil, our Oil of the Month.

Are you having trouble figuring out how to fit it all in?  Exercise, eating right, time with your kids, pursuing what you love?  I get it, it can be really hard!  That’s why working one on one with a health and lifestyle coach can help you get laser focus on what you want to do and how to accomplish it – check out my one on one health coaching programs and get started creating a life you love!


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