Pompano BeachVacations should be about fun.  However, not only is it important to eat well while you are traveling – it’s also important to stay active.  Last week I gave you some ideas on how to exercise while traveling, so today I’d like to share some ways to help you have fun too!

Some places it’s easy to figure out where to go and what to do (Disney World).  Sometimes it’s a little tougher, but my family has discovered that we can have fun just about anywhere – it just might take a little more work!  My suggestion is to try to incorporate something active every day you are traveling – you’ll feel better and not have to worry about getting away from a healthy lifestyle.

1.  Main Attractions.  Once we decide on a location, we look for the main attractions – easiest method is just to check out the local tourism board – do a quick search on Google with the city name and the word “tourism” and that should take you right there.

2.  Active things to do.  Spend a little time searching out active things to do while on vacation – your kids especially will love this!  Are there any cool parks?  Hiking trails?  A place to rent bikes?  How about a new sport you have always wanted to try (snorkeling, mountain biking, whatever).  Most locations have something fun for the locals to do – your job is to find it – start with the tourism sites from step one or Google the location and the words “park”, “hiking” or “outdoor activities.”

Once you have found what you are looking for, write down the address, phone number and if applicable hours of operation.  Then keep the list handy in your car.  There is nothing more frustrating that knowing you found the perfect restaurant, location, or whatever and don’t remember where!

3.  Plan some “lazy” days.  If you are staying at a resort type area, plan a few days to hang around the resort – and by lazy days I don’t mean laying by the pool all day (although some of that can be wonderful too), I’m talking about enjoying the pools, playing games like Bitcoin Casino at Easy Mobile Casino, walking the beach if it’s a beach vacation, etc.  My kids often have their best , most active (and most memorable days) without even leaving the resort!  This will also keep you from burning out!

Whatever you decide to do – when you travel, make the most of it!  Many of my favorite memories are from family vacations, and I hope that will become the same for you!  I’d love to hear some of them in the comments, so please share!
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