Make your own whipped cream

How to Make REAL Whipped Cream in just a few minutes!

So this month I’ll be sharing quite a few chocolate recipes.  The key to several of them (and to life in general) is whipped cream.  But I’m not talking about that fake stuff in a can.  I’m talking about REAL whipped cream.  Luckily, it’s amazingly simple to make, and can be made with all real ingredients.

Homemade Whipped CreamMake your own whipped cream

1 cup heavy whipping cream (organic preferably)

1 – 2 T pure maple syrup (grade B organic preferably)

1/2 t. vanilla (organic preferably)

Step one:  Pour the cream into the bowl of a stand mixer.  Using a whipping blade (see picture below), start the mixer on top speed.

Step two:  Add the maple syrup and vanilla.  Walk away and let the mixer do its thing.

whipped cream

Step three:  Once it looks like whipped cream, taste it to make sure it tastes great – add more syrup and/or vanilla as needed.

You can use this right away, or store it in the fridge for a few days in a glass bowl.

Simple, delicious, and decadent.  Enjoy!

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