Lots of blueberries!

How to successfully freeze berries

There are many suggestions on the internet on how to freeze berries.  I’m not claiming that mine is the best one of all, but it works well for me, and is pretty darn easy to boot!

Step one:  Clean and dry your berries.  I’ve heard conflicting stories about this, but for me, the extra time spent cleaning the berries up-front means I don’t have to worry about it later, and I can feel comfortable letting my kids help themselves to berries from the freezer anytime they desire.

The easiest method I’ve found is a bit time-consuming, but it’s simple and if you just do it once or twice a year it isn’t that bad.  We simply rinse the berriesBlueberries in a large bucket and then lay them out on towels to dry.  Berries are delicate, so be careful with this step.  It is important that they are dry – that’s what keeps them from clumping together once frozen.

Step two:  Sort and place in freezer bags.  As the berries are drying, you can go through and pull out and compost any duds.  Once dry, pack them in your freezer bags – I like pint-size bags (perfect for baking as it’s about 2 to 3 cups).  We fill the bags pretty full so they stack well in the freezer and there is less chance for clumping.  Label the bags and freeze!

If you prefer, you can flash freeze your berries by laying them out on a cookie tray (not touching each other) and placing it in the freezer for twenty to thirty minutes.  After they are solid, transfer to a freezer bag.  This is a big help if clumping is an issue, and works especially well for cut strawberries,  however for the massive quantity of berries we freeze each year it just takes too much time!