How’s Your Gut?

Do you often find yourself with stomach problems?  Feeling bloated or just plain miserable?  I know I used to, and as I mentioned in last week’s Facebook Live video, it’s exactly why I started down the path of nutrition training.  I wanted to stop feeling uncomfortable every other day.

I can happily say that today (almost 7 years later), I rarely have stomach issues.  In fact, overall I feel much healthier and get sick less often than I used to.  I’m confident that many of the tips, tricks and lifestyle changes I’ve made over the years is the reason.

Thank goodness for being willing to experiment (although once you get to the point where you’ll try anything to feel better, it’s not that hard to do).

This month, I’ll dive into some of my favorite ways to help if you are experiencing gut issues.  Since the reasons can be varied and are as individual as each of us, some of these may help you more than others – but there is science and historical evidence behind each tip.  The only way to find out what helps you is to give the various suggestions a try.  And not just once – be consistent and try something new for at least 7 days.  But don’t try more than one tip at a time – otherwise you can’t pinpoint what is helping.  I do want to mention that although they might be helpful, none of these tips are considered “cures” or are specifically geared towards people who’ve been diagnosed with IBS or other medical issues – please talk to your doctor about that.  But for the general icky stomach problems we often encounter, you may find relief here this month.

There has been so much talk in the last few years about the importance of gut health.  We now know that much of our health (or lack of health) starts in the gut.  If you have too much or not enough bacteria, you are going to experience issues.  It’s actually a pretty delicate balance – luckily there is a lot we can do to help our guts do their job.

One of the easiest and quickest changes you can make is to get more of the good bacteria in your diet.  There are two easy ways to do that.  One is to eat more fermented foods on a regular basis, and the second it to start taking a daily probiotic.

I’m not a doctor so I can’t tell you to try a probiotic, nor do I feel comfortable advising you as to which one to take, but I will state that taking a probiotic before bed makes all the difference in how I feel each day.  And I can tell immediately if I forget a night.  I’m not the only one either – I know several people who swear by their daily probiotic.  It is important when you pick one out to select a version without a lot of fillers and with several strains of the good bacteria (in the billions).

If you aren’t comfortable with taking a supplement (or your doctor recommends you don’t), you can also get good bacteria in your gut by enjoying some type of fermented food daily.  Most cultures include some form of fermented food that was traditionally eaten frequently with meals – our ancestors intuitively knew that these foods would aide in our digestion.  Some common (and delicious) options are Kimchee, Sauerkraut, properly fermented pickles, some forms of soy, yogurt, kefir and Kombucha (fermented tea).  You don’t need a lot of these foods – a few tablespoons or one serving a day is sufficient.  Experiment with which of these you like the best but try to start including them regularly into your daily diet.

I’ll also be sharing my all-time favorite Young Living Oil this month – DiGize.  It is the oil that sold me on YL and essential oils.  DiGize is a delicious blend of tarragon, ginger, peppermint, juniper, lemongrass, anise, patchouli and fennel.  I always carry a bottle in my purse and if I feel a little queasy or I ate too much, I simply rub a few drops on my stomach (right around the belly button).  For me, it’s instant relief.

So join me this month as we talk gut health.  I hope some of these ideas will help you as much as they’ve helped me.  No one should have to suffer with regular stomach issues.

Need a good way to start your morning – that’s good for your gut?  Check out this week’s Facebook Live.

Just for fun, I’ve created a brand new Freebie for this month – it’s a one pager with recipes for my favorite Epsom salt bath mixes.  These recipes are fun for you to enjoy, or you could even make up a bunch, package them in Mason Jars and give them away for gifts.  Get your copy HERE.

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