I love working from home. I love being in my own space, I love getting a jump start on dinner, I love saving money by eating at home and wearing jeans every day, I really do love it.

However, there are days when I’m just not motivated to work. Those are the days I find myself doing what I call productive procrastination. You know, folding laundry when I should be writing, creating the weekly menu plan instead of following up on potential sponsored posts. I’m working, but not working

Sometimes I’ll just allow myself a day to move a little slowly and not get a lot done, but if it happens more than one day, I know it’s time to change my scene. I’ve discovered that to be uber productive – or just to kickstart myself into crossing off all my to-do’s, working somewhere outside of the home helps every time.

If you feel the same, but get tired of working at your local Starbucks, check out my favorite haunts – some of them might surprise you:

  • A local coffee shop. This is the easy one. If I’m traveling and don’t find anything local on Yelp I’ll hit Starbucks like everyone else out there, but if it’s possible, a local coffee shop is the best. They tend to be quiet, friendly and comfortable. Plus since it’s such a common workspace, no one thinks twice if you hang out for a few hours with your computer.

Suggestions if you are in the Indianapolis area:

Hubbards & Craven; Local chain with four convenient locations.

Noble Coffee & Tea; 933 Logan St., Noblesville, IN (317) 773-0339; located right on the square

Working hard at Hubbards & Craven in Indianapolis

  • The library. I feel like the library has gone out of fashion which is too bad as it’s such an amazing resource. If you haven’t been to yours in a while, grab your computer and head over. You’ll find secluded and quiet areas to work (some even have breakout rooms if you need to make a phone call), tons of inspiration in the form of books and magazines and it’s free! My local library is even fine with me bringing in a coffee but check with yours before you do the same.

Suggestions if you are in the Indianapolis area:

Noblesville Library; One Library Plaza; Noblesville, IN (317) 773-1384

Indianapolis Public Library Glendale Branch; 6101 N. Keystone Ave. Indianapolis, IN; (317) 275-4410 – this library branch is located in Glendale Mall, so plenty of food and shopping options available too!

visit the library for a change of scenery

  • A local brewery. An interesting choice? Yes, but hear me out. Many breweries open at 11, but don’t really get busy until after 5:00 which makes them a quiet and comfortable place to set up shop. They often have delicious and affordable food and free WiFi. A handful around Indianapolis have local coffee and/or Kombucha on the menu, so you don’t even have to order a beer (although I won’t judge you if you do!). The one I go to frequently has a large outdoor patio, so if the weather is nice I sit there.

Suggestion if you are in the Indianapolis area:

Books & Brews is my Indianapolis brewery of choice for getting work done. I always work at the Broadripple location when my dog is at the groomers because the food is delicious, the servers friendly and the atmosphere cozy. Books & Brews is a local chain so if you are anywhere near Indianapolis there is probably a location close to you.

Books & Brews in Indianapolis is a perfect place to get a little work done during the day.

  • IKEA. I know many of you don’t have this as an option, but if you are traveling you might find it a great choice. Especially during the week when the cafe is not crowded. I’ve found their WiFi to be super fast and you can’t beat drinks for $1.00. In the winter especially it’s a nice change of pace as it’s indoors and nice and warm. Plus, when you get tired of working you can wander around the store for some inspiration.

Getting some work done in the IKEA cafe

  • Any Quick Service Restaurant. We call these restaurants “tweeners” – in-between fast food and sit-down. Places like Qdoba, Panera, etc. You order at the counter, but they are a little nicer than traditional fast food. Most of these restaurants have decent WiFi and plenty of comfortable seating. I find these to be great options if I’m traveling and want a bite to eat but also want to get some work done.

Next time you are on the road, or just working from home and need a change of pace, consider trying someplace new. You’ll spark your inspiration and it makes a regular workday feel like an everyday adventure!

Where is your favorite location to work?

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