Increase Satisfaction With YOUR Life

How often do you lay in bed at the end of the day and ask yourself where the day went?  Feel like you are just getting through the week in anticipation of the weekend?  If you find this happening regularly, then you need to increase your satisfaction with your life.  You need to start finding ways to feel like EVERY day is enjoyable and successful.

To get started, what makes you happy?

Not WHO makes you happy or even what you think should make you satisfied with your life, but what truly makes you happy?

Once you sit  yourself down and answer that question, I think you’ll be surprised at how many small, simple things you come up with.  I know I was.

As I mentioned in my last Facebook Live video, this is going to be our month to explore the concept of creating a life that you are satisfied with – EVERY DAY.  We’ll talk a lot about happiness and the practice of bringing more of it into our lives which will automatically increase your daily satisfaction and enjoyment of your circumstances.

To kick things off, I encourage you to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen (do this old school) and answer the question – “what makes you happy?”  Give yourself ten to fifteen minutes and come up with as many things/ places/ experiences/ etc. that you can.

Keep that list handy because we’ll be referring to it often this month as we work to improve your satisfaction and get you enjoying each day – not just “working for the weekend.”

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