Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts

Need some inspiration for Valentine’s Day?  It’s next week you know!  And to help build those relationships, make sure you let your loved ones know you are thinking about them!  Want to make it even more fun?  Do some of these WITH your kids – most kids love the planning process and get a kick out of creating something special for someone else!

Here are a few ideas – none of which will break the bank or take you hours to create:

1.  For the kids at school (yes, this is what I’m sending with my kids):Science Fair 2013 003

2.  For YOUR kids – how about a special Valentine’s Day Breakfast?  Or a fun dessert that night – like fondue?  Pull out all the stops and decorate the table with red or pink plates and napkins – maybe even fresh flowers?

3.  Decorate the kid’s bedroom doorways – a few streamers or hearts is super fun to wake up to, and only takes a few minutes the night before.

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4.  Bring home to your significant other their favorite drink after work for a simple surprise- maybe a delicious peppermint mocha?  Include a small gift card to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant to enjoy later!  How about creating a photo mug to serve it in?

5.  After the kids go to bed, pour a glass of wine, set out a few healthy snacks and play games or watch a movie – simple, fun and a change of pace from the regular weekday night!

What are YOUR plans for the holiday?  Please share in the comments – I know we can all use some great ideas!


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