Inexpensive Winter Activities!

Need inexpensive winter activity ideas?

Since my challenge this week was to spice up your exercise routine, I thought it would be useful to share a few tips on finding inexpensive winter activities that would help you do just that!

February Ski Trip 2013 023

Want to try skiing?  It’s a pretty darn expensive sport, but there ARE deals out there.  Here are some of my favorite resources and tips:

  • For the past few years, Shell has had an AMAZING promo.  At participating stations, buy just 10 gallons of gas and you can get a B1G1 (Buy one get one free) coupon for lots of local ski resorts!  This is a major saving when lift tickets run $60+ a day.
  • Look for Kids Ski Free spots -many resorts allow kids 8 to 12 and under to ski for free.
  • Liftopia offers discounted ski tickets – I haven’t used them, but it might be worth checking out.
  • Check the resort to see if they have a beginner ski lesson deal or maybe even a section of the mountain that is free for beginners.
  • Rent your equipment if you aren’t sure you’ll ski again. But, if you ski every year, think about buying a used set of skis and boots at the end of the season.  Our skis are a bit outdated, but I’ve been using them for over ten years and have saved LOTS of money on rentals.

Other winter sports more your speed?

  • Ice skating is fun for the whole family.  If you have a local rink, check out Groupon and Living Social regularly.  I’ve found 50% off deals for the past few years – we’ve been able to ice skate for $10 for all four of us!
  • Sledding – typically free AND fun!  Plus think about walking up those hills over and over – now THAT is a workout!
  • Snowshoeing – this was a Christmas gift to me a few years ago – and I had so much fun romping around our golf course that my husband bought a pair too.  Once you’ve bought the snowshoes, you can check out all kinds of trails and golf courses.  They are even pretty inexpensive if you get them at the end of the season.

I mentioned at the beginning of the year in a guest post on Money Saving Mom that January is a great time to join a gym – well now that the New Year’s Resolution crowd is thinning down, you might go ask if they have any specials.  Or ask if you can try a class for free – most places will let you give it a try before you buy!

How do you save money on winter sports and activities?  Let’s help each other by sharing our tips in the comments!