Good morning! Last week I did an interview with Lisa Byrne from The Well-Grounded Life and shared a little bit about my experience in her program and what I’ve been up to since.

Sound good? If you feel the need to work on your health and wellness, Lisa has a variety of excellent programs, so I recommend checking them out on her website. I use a lot of her principles and techniques in my daily life. If you are interested in the program I went through, you can use my code for a $300 discount! Check it out at The Well-Grounded Life and if you decide the program is right for you, be sure to use the code Pam300 to get your discount.

In the meantime, take a look at our chatGraduate Spotlight

Links to posts I mentioned in the interview:

Clean Sweep Week 1; Clean Sweep Week 2; Clean Sweep Week 3

Chicago Visit – this one has the links to all the rest of the trip

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