This challenge is over, but you can STILL order a bottle of Slique! 

Welcome to those of you joining us!  For those that didn’t sign up, no worries, you can still order your oil, get it in a few days and jump right in!

Most of the info will come to you on the challenge members only Facebook page, but I wanted to share a few tips:

1.  You still have to eat a healthy diet – you can’t just use the Slique products and then eat a bunch of junk – it just won’t work!  Try to enjoy at least five fruits and/or veggies each day and plenty of water.Slique

2.  Try to move everyday – doesn’t have to be formal “exercise,” but a 30 minute walk, dancing with your kids, even some heavy-duty spring cleaning will count.

3.  Don’t compare yourself to others – you may some some BIG weight losses from others and that is GREAT if it’s you, but if it’s not, remember that we all have different bodies and everyone loses weight differently.  Congratulate each other, and share the tips that work!

4.  Want some extra support?  Contact me today and we can work one-on-one to create the perfect healthy program for YOU.

5.  If you are just using the oil, there are several ways to enjoy it – in your water (a couple drops), inhale it, or mix a drop or two with coconut oil and rub on your skin.

Interested in Essential Oils, but not the Slique challenge?  No worries – we are delving DEEP into an oil each month, and Slique is just the oil for one month.  Each month we cover a new oil.  If you want to join us, check out the details HERE.  Join as a distributor or customer with the Start Living with Everyday Oils and I’ll send you samples of any oils that don’t come in your kit along with plenty of ways to use the oils we’ve studied so far this year!

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