January 2013 Goals Update

Wow – the first month of the year already over!

Here are my updates for my January 2013 goals – not too bad overall.  Some of these may have to move to next month . . .

Work related:

  • Clean my office (it’s become a bit of a dumping ground) – still needs a lot of work, can’t cross this one off yet!  But my DESK is better!
  • Update website giveawaydone – here it is if you haven’t gotten it yet!
  • Create a video post (this is new and a little scary for me!)done and it was easier than I thought, you’ll probably see more of them!
  • Write one guest post – I’ve written a rough draft, but need to firm it up and send it out!


  • Create a Christmas Album (while the memories and pictures are still fresh)done!
  • Get tax stuff ready – getting there, still missing a few documents
  • Read 4 booksdone, this month I read:  Voyager, The First Four Years (with the kids), A Homemade Life, Crossed and Breaking Night
  • Date night – 2x – didn’t do well here – we got one in which is better than none I guess!
  • One on one with each kid did a lot with both kids together this month which was great and did spend one-on-one time with each child
  • Exercise 5-6x weekdid great here – only missed three days the whole month!
  • Drink more water!pretty well, this is one I ALWAYS need to work on

How did you do on your goals for the month?  Successful I hope!  I find that creating a solid set of goals will typically push you to complete more than you would without them!  And posting them for the world to see?  Even more success!

Do you need help reaching your goals?  That is exactly what I help my clients do!  Contact me today for a FREE consultation and we’ll discuss what YOU want to accomplish in 2013!

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