Hard to believe the summer is so close to being over!  Our kids started school August 1st – crazy I know, and it seems hard now, but we will LOVE it come October when they get a nice long 2 week break!  For a list of everything I read in July, check out my list HERE.  On to my favorites . . .


I had this one on hold at the library for a crazy long time – months.  It finally came up and I read through it in just a few days.  Just as his career in Neurosurgery is beginning, Paul discovers he has stage IV lung cancer.  Even though I knew the outcome, I found myself rooting for Paul’s survival.  The discoveries he makes about life and death throughout his illness are thought-provoking and very real.   I’ve found that I need to be careful reading these type of books though as they get me started down the worry rabbit hole, so I may start avoiding them in the future!  Got a backache?  Must be lung cancer . . . My rating 4.5 out of 5.


Love a dark thriller?  Then this would be a good choice for you.  Aubrey’s husband has finally been declared dead after 5 years.  The story moves between her current life, her memories and several other characters.  In the end, there is some nice resolution as to how the disappearance occurs, and it’s fascinating to note how your view of the players in the situation changes as you learn more and more about each one.  Don’t read ahead.  My rating:  4 out of 5.

Not sure how I ended up reading two missing/presumed dead husband books this month, but I did.  This one is VERY different from the other.  The situation, the mystery around the “death” and the resolution.  I actually liked it a bit more – it was a lighter story and a happier ending.  My rating: 4 out of 5.

Super quick read and a new Young Adult book from the ever popular Sophie Kinsella.  Thanks to some sort of incident at school, Audrey has fallen into a deep depression.  She wears dark glasses all the time and never leaves the house.  The story gives her side of how she pulls herself out of the small world she’s been reduced to living and begins to join the “real world” again.  Interesting and feels realistic (although never having experienced this depth of depression it’s hard for me to say for sure).  My rating 4 out of 5.

What have you enjoyed reading lately?  I’d love to add some new books to my hold list!  Please share in the comments.

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