Kick Start Your Exercise

Did you track your workouts last week?  How many days are you actually working out?  More or less than you thought?

Although many of my clients THINK they work out regularly, once they start tracking their workouts, they realize they aren’t doing nearly as much as they thought they were.  Tracking your workouts is eye-opening.  But don’t worry, we can and will fix that!

Today I want you to think about where you went wrong in the past.  Were you doing workouts you dreaded?  Trying to fit them in at the wrong time of the day?  Or maybe you are already working out consistently but feeling bored or blah about it.

This week, continue tracking your workouts.  Some people like to check it off their to-do list.  Others find it motivating to use a fit bit or apple watch.  Try out a few tracking methods and decide which one you like best.  Make it your goal to “check off” at least two workouts by Thursday.  Then, join me on Facebook Thursday at 12:45 EST for a live event where we will go over week 2 of your worksheet and come up with a plan to make it FUN to exercise.