Kick Start Your Home

Let’s talk about your home this week.  I bet you are asking yourself “what in the heck does my house have to do with my health and having a terrific summer?”  Right?  Hear me out …

When your house is a mess, full of clutter and not a cozy and comfortable place to be, it’s hard to relax and enjoy life.  It’s challenging to prepare healthy meals in a messy or disorganized kitchen.  If you’re trying to work out at home, it’s impossible to manage if there is so much stuff lying around that you don’t have room to move.

Plus, doesn’t it feel great to enjoy your home and feel good about it?  Be able to have friends over at the spur of the moment to share life?  So yes, your house CAN contribute to a healthier and happier life.  Ready to get started?

Today I have a simple task for you.  Grab a bag or basket and walk around the house for a few minutes.  Your goal is to find 5 things to either give away, sell or throw away.  This should be pretty easy the first time.  However, tomorrow you are going to do the same thing.  Then again the next day and so on.  By the time we “meet” on the Facebook event on Thursday at 1:00ish EST you’ll have removed TWENTY things from your house.  Wow!  That’s less clutter, less stuff to take care of (and therefore more time for other things) and a strong start toward an overall healthier and happier home.

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