Las Vegas 2018 – Days 3 & 4

We were back at it early in the morning on our third day!   With the time change we tend to wake up at 6 so we are often out and about by 7:00 – definitely not the crazy late nights of our youth!

Since it’s World Cup time we decided to find a fun bar to have lunch at and enjoy the Russia vs. Croatia game.  We ended up (thanks to Yelp) at Pub 1842 in MGM, which was perfect.  The food was great, there was a good selection of drinks and a TV right in front of us!!!  It was so much fun to watch the game – if any of you watched it, it was CRAZY.

After sitting for such a long time, we spent the rest of the day slowing wandering back to our hotel, stopping many times along the way.

The 4th day was another pool day!  We ran over to Starbucks for coffee and then ordered a delicious avocado toast from the pool bar for breakfast.  There may also have been a few pitchers of the Pink Flamingo drink ordered… YUM!

Once we had enough sun we went upstairs to cool off and then took an Uber to SLS – it was restful and quiet – a nice change of pace from the strip.  After some time there, it was back to Paris to enjoy some cheese, bread and wine and then another show.  We had crepes after the show and then off to bed!

Tomorrow is our last day in Vegas … it sure goes quickly.

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  1. Oh wow. I’ve never been for the World Cup. We often go for football playoffs.
    This sounds like such a fun trip. We love Vegas. The food looks amazing. What is your fav restaurant there? We are big meat eaters and lovers of wine so Carne Vino is one of our fav’s, but am always looking for new places. And, what the heck is in a pink flamingo?

    1. Diane, it was fun to watch the World Cup games. It’s hard to pick a favorite restaurant – they are all so different! The pink flamingo had pink lemonade, vodka and can’t remember what else. It was tasty!

  2. I’m not a huge gambler and also love to just wander around Vegas and enjoy the beautiful scenery, sunshine, and unique resort views! Great tips!

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