Fun projects and gifts using Lavender Oil!

Wow is Lavender Oil versatile!  It can do SO much.

It smells great, it’s relaxing, and cleansing!  Since I’ve been studying the properties and uses for this oil, I’ve heard over and over “When in doubt, use Lavender.”  Pretty good testimonial, yes?

Earlier in the month, I shared some of the fun ways I’ve been using Lavender Oil.  Last week I spent half an hour creating some fun products – that would also make great gifts!

Lavender Bath Salts

These are wonderful.  My kids love taking “Lavender” baths and they come out smelling so yummy!

Fill a glass jar 3/4 full of Epsom Salts.  Add 15 – 20 drops of Lavender Essential oil, put on the lid, and shake well.  To use, pour about a cup into the tub before running the water.  Run warm water over the salts, grab a glass of wine (not for your kids please!) or tea and a good book and enjoy!

Lavender Bath Salts

Lavender Spray

This one might be my personal favorite.  I just put 8-10 drops of lavender in a spray bottle with distilled water and then either spray a few drops on my pillow at night or even spray a few times in my hair (gives it a nice scent!).

Lavender Room Spray

Lavender Room Refresher

Another simple one.  In a small glass jar, mix about 1/4 cup baking soda with 8-10 drops of lavender oil.  Put a lid with a few holes on it and set in the room.  Shake it around to “activate” the scent every once in a while.

Lavender Room ScentsLavender Coconut Oil

I simply mixed a few drops of lavender oil into a small container of coconut oil.  Perfect for rubbing on feet, hands, or tummies!

Lavender scrub

And, finally, I promised earlier in the month to share how using Lavender Oil helped with our allergies . . .

Of course, I’m not a doctor, so I can only share with you what worked for my family.  Both my son and I suffer from Spring allergies.  In fact, I’ve usually had at least one sinus infection by now, and my son’s allergies were bad enough that the allergist I took him to recommended I start him on an under the tongue shot alternative (which made me very nervous since he was only four at the time).  This year, neither of us have had ANY runny noses, itchy eyes, or other allergy symptoms.  Is it the lavender?  I can’t say definitively, but I’m happy with the results so I’ll take it and continue on using it!

What have we done?  Well, I’ve added a few drops of Lavender oil to my moisturizer every morning – that gets it right around my nose, ears, and eyes.  I’ve put it on my son’s feet every night, and I’ve diffused it in the air next to our beds every night.  I went through a large bottle of Lavender during the month of April using it for these things daily along with all my other projects and the occasional cut or bruise.  The cost of that bottle is $31 retail (but costs me less as I’m a distributor).  MUCH less expensive and more natural than daily Claritin, shots, antibiotics, etc.!

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