As I mentioned earlier in the month, I’m learning about and using lemon essential oil in a variety of ways.  One I’ve really enjoyed and will continue to do long after this month is over it to add it to my water.

December 2012 515

I still start most mornings with a mug of hot water, fresh lemon and cayenne, but I’ve also been experimenting with adding a drop (yes, just ONE – it’s strong stuff) to cold water.  It is delicious and very refreshing.  I feel like I get an extra burst of energy after drinking it!

This will be fantastic this summer when it’s hot out – I probably won’t want as much hot water and adding the lemon oil will give me the same boost to my immune system and toxin flushing benefits in a refreshing cold drink.

The oil is also very portable.  How easy is it to carry a small bottle around in your purse?  I can imagine this as a wonderful addition to the harsh tasting water we drink a lot of when we are in Orlando in the summer!  One caveat, only use glass for drinking oils – oils will breakdown the petrochemicals in plastic.

Get your bottle HERE:

***I do have to caution you not to just go out and buy a bottle of essential oil and start drinking it.  Many oils are NOT safe to drink.  I use Young Living, which is a brand that is safe to ingest.  If you are interested in giving it a try, check out this site and you can buy a bottle for yourself.  If you decide to use another brand, please investigate it completely to ensure it’s safe to add to your water.***

Next week I’ll share some more uses I found for lemon oil, and next month I’ll be concentrating on Lavender – so feel free to get a bottle and try them out for yourself!

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