Make Every Week Special!

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So did you accept the challenge and do something special for Valentine’s Day?  I hope so – and I’d love to hear about it in the comments!  We had heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, the kids got a special Valentine and treat in their lunch bags, we enjoyed my daughter’s favorite baguette and brie (and hot chocolate) after school and we had salmon for dinner (it’s pink!) and chocolate fondue for dessert.

If you participated, you know how great it made you AND your recipient feel.  If you didn’t, no worries, there are plenty of other opportunities!

In fact, that’s what I want to suggest today – an easy way to make every week (or at least every month) special.

Way back in the Fall, I shared one of our family holidays – Pumpkin Day.  We made that one up, and you could certainly do the same, but if you don’t want to go all creative, just check out a couple of the resources below and pick out a few random days that resonate with you.  Put them on the calendar and make an effort to do a little something special to “celebrate” life on a regular basis.


Here is a list of special days in January.

A list for every month here.

Here is a list of special days ideas – no particular dates so a great resource for creating your own family holiday.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • January 6th is “Cuddle Up Day” – announce to your kids or sweetie that it’s Cuddle Up Day, and spend some time cuddled up in your favorite spot with a warm blanket, hot drink, popcorn and a few good books.  Little kids will especially love this day!
  • March 31st is National Clams on the Half Shell Day – great reason to make a yummy (and healthy) clam linguine for dinner!  If you have kids teach them something about clams and maybe do a little seashell craft!
  • September 25th is National Comic Book Day – start the morning with a new comic book for everyone at the breakfast table.  After school encourage your kids to act out their favorite comic books.   Create a dinner with a comic book theme.

You get the idea!  So, have a little fun this year and celebrate often – your family will love it!