Make The Most of Every Day

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You thought life would be easier than this, but you always feel tired and overwhelmed.  You can’t remember the last time you felt happy and energetic.

Too often you find yourself doing too much at the expense of your health and happiness.  You tell yourself you’ll worry about your needs later, knowing in your heart that at this rate that day may never come.

It seems like other moms have it all together, while you’re usually running late and still wearing your pajamas while driving the kids to school.  What secret do those moms know that you don’t?

There has to be a way for you to enjoy your life instead of rushing through it. You’re ready to stop feeling guilty about not being able to do it all.  You wish you had more time for your kids, work AND yourself.

So how do you stop simply going through the motions and finally love the life you have?

You want to make the most of every day.  Imagine giving your family, career and YOURSELF the attention they need.  Imagine getting everything done without the extra stress.  You’re excited about getting up each morning, knowing that the day will bring happiness and health.

You’re having more fun, feeling more grateful and loving your life. You CAN be happier and more satisfied with your life.

I’m a coach for busy working moms who love their kids, but feel tired, stressed out and overwhelmed.  They want to do it all but can’t find enough hours in the day.

After Make the Most of Every Day, you’ll:

  • Begin every day with more energy and excitement.
  • End every day thankful and full of gratitude.
  • Have fun and enjoy your life!

Here’s what you get with Make the Most of Every Day

Start Where You Are Profile.  This powerful pre-session questionnaire will help highlight your stress points and determine exactly what’s holding you back from having more joy.

Enjoy Your Life Clarity Session.  During this 90 minute private coaching session, I will teach you my 3 easy steps for getting more joy out of life.  We’ll delve into your specific stresses and concerns.  Together we’ll create a step-by-step plan that you can start right away so you can immediately enjoy and appreciate your life.

Staying on Track. After we create your individualized plan, I’ll follow up with additional suggestions and encouragement to improve your journey.  This is just the added kick in the pants you’ll need to keep moving forward and feeling better and better.

Keeping it Together Check-In. Three weeks after the Enjoy Your Life Clarity Session, we’ll have a 30 minute session to talk about the improvements you’ve made. We’ll make any necessary tweaks for your schedule so that you’ll have the tools you need to succeed.  You’ll walk away with excitement as you continue enjoying every day for the rest of your life!

You don’t have to continue to drown in guilt and stress, I’ll help you create a life you love TODAY!

Investment:  $147

Let’s Get Started!

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