Make your own Popcorn!

Well, this has been quite the week for healthy snacking!  I led a very fun workshop earlier this week at a local company on Healthy Snacking, we celebrated “Pumpkin Day” yesterday with a snack of pumpkin scones and pumpkin seeds (yum!) and today I’m sharing my all-time favorite snack – popcorn.

We make popcorn at least four or more nights a week.  Often we’ll also have it after school since it’s quick, easy and filling. And don’t even get me started on movie night – it’s a must on those evenings!

However, we don’t eat microwave popcorn – it’s full of unhealthy additives, chemicals, and other questionable ingredients.  Instead, we save tons of money and enjoy a MUCH tastier popcorn by using our popcorn maker!

Make homemade popcorn for the perfect snack

Although we also have an air popper, I just love this little device – the popcorn tastes and smells delicious.  It cost us about $25 at Target, but if you consider how often we use it (and how inexpensive it is to buy popcorn kernels), it was a bargain!

You can order your own popcorn maker at Amazon too:

You simply plug the device in, add about a T (or less) of healthy oil (we use coconut or olive oil), add 1/4 to 1/3 cup popcorn kernels and let it do its thing.  After a few minutes, you’ll have a bowl full of hot, delicious popcorn.  Add a LITTLE bit of real butter and a few sprinkles of sea salt and you’ll have the perfect snack!

Make homemade popcorn for the perfect snack

Popcorn is full of fiber, so it’s a very filling and healthy snack as long as you don’t use too much butter, oil, and salt.

What is YOUR favorite snack?  I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments.

Be Healthy.  Be Happy.

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