Hopefully you are enjoying summer so far!

When we are out and about, especially if we are planning a full day of playing at the park or a bit of hiking, I like to bring along a little snack to keep our energy levels high.  Trail mix can be a delicious, healthy and easily portable snack – perfect for busy, fun days.

However. trail mix

It can be full of  fat or unhealthy ingredients.

And for me, since I’m allergic to tree nuts, there are few premade mixes out there that I can safely enjoy.

So, I simply make my own:

Home Made Trail Mix



Something sweet (dried fruit, chocolate chips, etc.)

A container

Simply layer your chosen ingredients in your container, put on the lid and shake like crazy.

The combination I made here consisted of roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted peanuts, organic banana chips, organic dried cranberries, organic coconut chips and chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  YUM!

trail mix

Mix up a big jar to keep in your pantry and then when you need a quick, healthy snack you can put it into baggies and take it with you!

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