March Goals Re-cap

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One third of the way through 2013!  Wow!  Here is a re-cap of my March Goals.  Hopefully you took me up on the challenge to set goals for the month.  If so, I’d love to hear how you did – let’s encourage each other!

Work related:

  • Organize my office bookshelves – the cookbooks have gotten out of control!  Done – they look so much better!
  • Clean out filing cabinet – didn’t even start this one . . .
  • Write and submit one guest postdone – check out last month’s here, hopefully you’ll see the one I did this month soon
  • Start Get Ready for Summer Group program sign up- begin Mid March!done, the first intro will go out in this month’s newsletter, so get on the list HERE if you haven’t yet!
  • Have blog posts written one week aheaddone!


  • Read 4 books – done, this month I read:  A Boy and His Horse and Prince Caspian with the kids, Drums of Autumn and Breathes of Fire and Ashes, Creating a Charmed Life,  and Power of a Positive Woman.  Here is a link to all these books – feel free to check them out here or your local library.
  • Try a new exercise class  – done, this was FUN – as I mentioned last month I was getting a bit bored with my current Pilates class, so I signed up for a Barre class (more on this Friday) and it was a great move.
  • Date Night and/or Weekend Away – we got to go out once this month – dinner with friends and it was a nice break in the week!
  • Plan Fall Break vacation -done!  along with our ski trips for next year and a getaway at Christmas!
  • Exercise 5-6x per week – done, very good work on this one!
  • One-on-one time with each child – done, I had two “dates” with my son and one with my daughter (she is much busier!)
  • Find new uses for Lemon Essential Oil  – done, I really enjoyed using this oil – check out my thoughts on it here, I’ve already used Lavender a few times and have been loving it, so that will be a fun one too I think! (Interested in learning more about this oil with me? I’ll post my experiences throughout this month, and in the meantime you can pick up a bottle for yourself here – if you are interested in buying your oil ahead of time, next month I’m going to experiment with Lavender) –

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  1. I did a room makeover on my office last month. And I can tell you that clearing the paperwork from the office was daunting, probably the worst part of the room makeover. So take heart, those office files need time and patience (and a really strong shredder) and you’ll feel so good about it when you get it done!

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