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One third of the way through 2013!  Wow!  Here is a re-cap of my March Goals.  Hopefully you took me up on the challenge to set goals for the month.  If so, I’d love to hear how you did – let’s encourage each other!

Work related:

  • Organize my office bookshelves – the cookbooks have gotten out of control!  Done – they look so much better!
  • Clean out filing cabinet – didn’t even start this one . . .
  • Write and submit one guest postdone – check out last month’s here, hopefully you’ll see the one I did this month soon
  • Start Get Ready for Summer Group program sign up- begin Mid March!done, the first intro will go out in this month’s newsletter, so get on the list HERE if you haven’t yet!
  • Have blog posts written one week aheaddone!


  • Read 4 books – done, this month I read:  A Boy and His Horse and Prince Caspian with the kids, Drums of Autumn and Breathes of Fire and Ashes, Creating a Charmed Life,  and Power of a Positive Woman.  Here is a link to all these books – feel free to check them out here or your local library.
  • Try a new exercise class  – done, this was FUN – as I mentioned last month I was getting a bit bored with my current Pilates class, so I signed up for a Barre class (more on this Friday) and it was a great move.
  • Date Night and/or Weekend Away – we got to go out once this month – dinner with friends and it was a nice break in the week!
  • Plan Fall Break vacation -done!  along with our ski trips for next year and a getaway at Christmas!
  • Exercise 5-6x per week – done, very good work on this one!
  • One-on-one time with each child – done, I had two “dates” with my son and one with my daughter (she is much busier!)
  • Find new uses for Lemon Essential Oil  – done, I really enjoyed using this oil – check out my thoughts on it here, I’ve already used Lavender a few times and have been loving it, so that will be a fun one too I think! (Interested in learning more about this oil with me? I’ll post my experiences throughout this month, and in the meantime you can pick up a bottle for yourself here – if you are interested in buying your oil ahead of time, next month I’m going to experiment with Lavender) –

Do you need accountability in meeting your goals?  Don’t even know what your goals are or how to accomplish your healthy dreams?  Contact me and we’ll set up a thirty minute Health and Wellness Breakthrough session to discuss where you are in your quest for a healthy, happy life and how you can successfully get there!


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