May 2013 Re-cap

How did I do on my goals in May?  Check it out below:May Calender 001


  • Finish and share my latest project – it’s a good one for helping resolve your CRAZY mornings! Done – get it here for FREE if you haven’t already received a copy.
  • Write and submit one guest post  Done – Eating for Energy
  • Have blog posts written one week ahead, create June blog schedule – Done and Done!
  • Come up with some new seasonal recipes – strawberries and fresh greens anyone? Guacamole, Kale Pesto, My FAVORITE Green Smoothie, Salmon with Asparagus and some super yummy Strawberry Scones!
  • Host a giveaway – I’ll try to remember this one! – whew, barely made it on this one – enter it HERE
  • Run with Slique Challenge (JOIN US – it’s gonna be fun and we’re gonna lose some weight!) – very fun!  June starts soon, so order a bottle of Valor and join us – it’s a wonderful smelling oil that promotes feelings of strength, power and encouragement.  Get yours HERE.


  • Read 4 books – some great books this month – Does this Church Make Me Look Fat?,  Green Sparkly Earrings, Before I go to Sleep (hard to put this one down!), Finding Everett Ruess (check them out here or at your local library!)
  • Date Night and/or Weekend Away – done! Date night last week, and thanks to MIL one last night and tonight!!!
  • Hang out with my friends at least 2x – done!  Some really fun times this month!
  • Exercise 5-6x per week – done – I’ve been very consistent with this which has felt GREAT!
  • One-on-one time with each child – my daughter and I have had a few fun dates this month, and my son and I enjoyed a Mommy and Me sushi night!
  • Clean up house and clothing and take a big load to Goodwill! – underway –  three big bags today, but plenty more cleaning to do!
  • Prepare for summer trip to Florida – in pretty good shape, will continue until we leave!

How did you do on your goals for May?  Hopefully it was a great month!  Don’t forget to check out the Oil of the Month Club – we are stating a new oil in June and the Club is such a great way to easily learn about the benefits and uses of essential oils!

If you haven’t gotten your FREE copy of my new e-course “Discover the Perfect Start to Your Day” – pick it up HERE – it’s FREE!

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