sauteed mushrooms

Meatless Monday Mashup – Avocados & Mushrooms!

As we talked about last week, not everyone loves mushrooms.  And a great way to encourage trying new foods (or teaching yourself to like it as the case may be), is to add it to something you already like.Yummy lunch - avocado toast

One of my favorite, last-minute lunches is what I simply call Avocado Toast – basically, it’s a piece of good quality bread (toasted or not), with avocado, sea salt, and if I have them on hand, radishes or sprouts.  It’s super quick, delicious, and healthy.

So . . . to bump it up a notch – and even make it a little fancy, I added some sautéed mushroom.  YUM!  This made it a very hearty and filling meal – perfect for lunch, OR you could put it on little pieces of bread and even serve it as an appetizer.

Avocado Mushroom Toast

Quality bread – whole wheat or a nice baguette – sourdough is even nice

1/2 avocado

2 – 3 mushrooms, sliced

garlic infused olive oil

sea salt

1/2 lime

avocado toast + mushrooms

Step one:  Saute the mushrooms in the olive oil (if you don’t have garlic-infused oil, just add some chopped garlic to regular olive oil)

sauteed mushrooms

Step two:  Toast the bread (or not), and spread the avocado on it – nice and thick.

avocado bread

Step three:  Top the bread with the sautéed mushrooms and sprinkle on a little sea salt and lime juice.  You can skip the lime juice if you are eating it right away, but if you plan on serving as an appetizer, it will help keep the avocado from browning.

mushroom avocado

If you love avocado, please give this a try – it is so tasty and an excellent way to get some healthy fats and vitamins in your daily diet!

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