Menu Plan Monday

Kind of a weird week around here – a lot of evening events and a quick ski weekend coming up, so the menu plan is a little different from my Easy Roast Chickenusual – all the more reason to share, right?

Monday – pork chops, warm slaw and fresh fruit

Tuesday – salmon, sautéed spinach, rosemary bread dipped in olive oil

Wednesday – Veggie pasta (all our leftover veggies + sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and freshly grated parmesan)

Thursday – Roast Chicken, corn, kale salad (normally I wouldn’t do a roast chicken this week since I did one last week, but I want the extra meat to take on our ski trip!)

Weekend – maybe out to dinner, fried rice, pizza, Mexican or spaghetti – I have all the ingredients, so we’ll play it by ear!

I’ll also let my daughter make some type of muffins for breakfast – she is beginning to practice for 4-H, and muffins are what she will exhibit at the fair this year.

Our snacks will be mostly fruit, veggies and humus/ pita and celery

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