Menu Plan Monday – April 28 to May 4

This was a hard week to plan for – we have practices or games for one kid or the other every night, but there is so much rain expected that most of them may end up being cancelled.  So, I decided to assume we’d have practice and if not, I’ll just have an easier evening since dinner will be simple on the busy nights!Pizza

Monday – grilled fish sandwiches, oven fries, roasted asparagus

Tuesday – roast pork loin, roasted cauliflower & carrots

Wednesday – vegetable curry, brown rice

Thursday – black bean chili

Friday – chicken satay noodles

Saturday – blue cheese burgers, baked jalapeno poppers

Sunday – Late games, so a simple homemade pizza is in order

What do you do when you have something happening every night of the week?  I know if I didn’t have my menu plan in place we’d end up eating pasta or going to a restaurant every single night . . .

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