Mocha Creamer

Mocha Coffee Creamer or Hot Chocolate – YOUR Choice

Like you need another reason to enjoy chocolate, right?  Here is the perfect little recipe to sweeten up your mornings . . . Mocha Creamer

To make: 

Mocha Coffee Creamer (or Hot Chocolate Base)

1 cup half and half (organic preferably)

3 T maple syrup

1 t. vanilla

2-3 T cocoa powder (look for organic and fair trade)

Step one:  Dump all the ingredients in a blender.

Step two:  Blend until smooth.  Pour into a jar and store in the fridge for about a week.

mocha creamer

To enjoy:

With coffee:  Add a quarter cup to your mug and pour hot coffee on top.  If you like your coffee a little sweeter, add a bit more maple syrup.

As Hot Chocolate:  Fill your mugs about 2/3 full of the mix – one batch will make two small mugs.  Heat in the microwave (or heat in a saucepan on the stovetop).  Add a dollop of real whipped cream and enjoy!

Or, if you are like me, it’s terribly tempting to just put a little in a bowl, top with whipped cream and eat with a spoon.  YUM!

This would make a terrific treat for Valentine’s Day or an after-sledding popcorn party!  Or just a nice way to start your morning!

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