More Summer Reading – and one of my latest FAVORITE books!

I read some terrific and some “just okay” books this month. June 2014 books


Wow did I love this book!  I borrowed it from a neighbor and as soon as I finished it, purchased my own copy so I could read it again and share it with my friends.  There are so many funny, entertaining and yet insightful stories (I shared lots of them with my family who just ate them up) in this book.  Bob Goff does a marvelous job of highlighting (with the wisdom he’s gleaned throughout his very interesting life) what is important in life and how to go about living an amazing life by simply saying yes and focusing on others.  I recommend this book now to everyone I know.  As a bonus, there is a version for kids (suggested age 10 – 14) coming out in August – I have it on pre-order for my daughter as I know she’ll love it!  My rating:  5 out of 5.


My favorite fiction books for the month were actually books my daughter gave me to read.  She had just finished Hatchet and Brian’s Winter in class and couldn’t put either one down.  I had heard of the books before and when she encouraged me to read them, I figured why not?  At the minimum, it would give us a good conversation topic.  Turns out I really enjoyed both books.  The first one is the story of a young boy whose plane crashes in Canada nowhere near civilization, and how he survives the summer before being rescued.  The second book tells the story of what would have happened had he not been rescued at the end of the summer.  The books reminded me a bit of Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer but with a much happier ending (and much more age appropriate for kids).  My rating: 4 out of 5.

What were your favorite books for June?  Anything stand out as a favorite so far this year?  I just loaded up my hold list at the library so I’m hopeful for some great reading next month!

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