My Favorite Books – October 2016

I read some terrific books this month.  HERE is the entire list, and below are short reviews of my favorites:

This was definitely my favorite book.  I read it in two short days and then immediately passed it on to my SIL who also read it in just a few days.   It has a similar feel to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train so if you liked those, you’ll like this one.  By the end I knew it would end one of several ways – I just wasn’t sure which one . . .  nicely suspenseful with a untrustworthy narrator.  Don’t read it if you are heading on a cruise soon.  My rating 5 out of 5.

I found the subject matter of this book very disturbing, but the suspense was excellent – I really wasn’t quite sure how it would end up until the last chapter.  The main character was given a drug so she would “forget” a traumatic attack.  Aside from the mystery of what really happened that night, the book also stirs up questions about whether you truly CAN forget and if that’s really the best way to move on from tragedy.  My rating 4.5 out of 5.

It has been years since I read a Nicholas Sparks book – I don’t like books that make me cry and so many of his seem to do that.  However, this one really seemed more like a James Patterson novel.  It was a love story (between a high achieving “good girl” and a recovered “bad boy,” but it also contained some suspense.  It was a perfect vacation read during our fall break trip to the beach.  My rating 4 out of 5.

Any favorites for you this month?  I have to travel a bit for work, so I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of airport and hotel room reading in November!

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