I’ve shared in the past some great ways to save money on healthy food – and I still do most of those things weekly.  Lately I’d been hearing about how Aldi now has a line of organic food.  Of course I had to check it out.

For those of you unfamiliar with Aldi, it is a grocery store chain (owned the same company who owns Trader Joe’s) that carries a small selection of products.  Most of the food Aldi sells is it’s own brand label.  Just like Trader Joe’s, if you want ketchup, you have one choice, not the twenty you’ll find in a typical grocery store.  At Aldi, you also bag your own groceries using your own bags – this helps keep the costs quite low.aldi

I’ve often run into Aldi to check out their produce or pick up some staple like dried beans that I know I can purchase inexpensively, but I’ve never done a full out shopping trip there.

This week I decided to go in specifically to check out this new organic line.  I have to say, I was quite impressed!  Most categories (dry goods, snacks, dairy, frozen, even meat) carried at least a few organic items.  And at excellent prices!  Check out what I purchased (note the seeds weren’t organic, they were just a really good deal, and I used them for a big batch of trail mix!):

A few examples of what I found:

  • Organic Vegetable and Chicken Broth -$1.79
  • Organic Coconut Oil – $4.99
  • Organic Spices – $1.99
  • Gluten Free Bread – $3.99

Based on my experience, I will definitely be adding a monthly stop to Aldi to stock up on organic items (and any other good deals they may have).

How about you?  Do you love Aldi?  Shop there often?  What are your best finds there?

Looking for easy ways to add healthier foods to your weekly diet?  Affordable ways?  One of the benefits of working directly with me is that we look specifically at YOUR eating habits, and find ways that work best for YOU.  Contact me today and let’s find the best plan for your life.


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