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My totally honest review of EveryPlate

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Eating dinner together as a family most nights is very important to me. However, with two teens in the house (both involved in sports), a full-time job AND my blog, time is at a premium.

Most weeks I do a great job of planning out meals, hitting the grocery (or using Shipt) and making a healthy, tasty dinner. Then there are the other weeks …

You know, the weeks where there is something going on every night, where the weekend was so packed you couldn’t get to the grocery or even get your online order placed, even the weeks where you just don’t feel like menu planning.

Those are the weeks I depend upon EveryPlate. EveryPlate isn’t the first home delivery service I’ve tried. I’ve also given Hello Fresh and Blue Plate a try, but I couldn’t stomach the prices and I found myself forgetting to cancel a week and therefore ending up with meals I didn’t really want or need.

Pros of EveryPlate

EveryPlate is really affordable. I have a family of four, but I use the 2-3 serving meal plan and it’s currently only $38.93 per week (including shipping). That gives me 3 meals and since my daughter doesn’t eat meat I’ve found by adding a salad, a piece of fish or veggie burger for her, or just adding extra rice or pasta to the meal we have more than enough. To be fair, none of us are big eaters, but you could certainly start with the smaller plan like we did and move up if needed.

EveryPlate shrimp risotto

The food is delivered fresh and nicely packaged. I really like the way the meat is on the bottom surrounded by recyclable freezer packs and the other ingredients are on top of it in a cardboard box. I have to admit more than one of those boxes has ended up in my pantry as a storage container!

Fresh ingredients delivered by  EveryPlate

The meals are simple to prepare and very tasty. Often when I fix an EveryPlate meal, I get compliments from every member of the family. And it is so nice to know what we will have for dinner without me planning it, making a shopping list and going to the grocery. What a timesaver!

It’s easy to cancel a week or change your meal choices. Every Thursday I receive an email from EveryPlate. I log on and I can switch between nine different options – only one has an extra cost of $2.99 per person. I love that I can also make my meal choices for the next two weeks so I can plan ahead if I don’t want a week or if I want to go ahead and make the meal changes early so I don’t have to think about it. I probably use the service once or twice a month, and that has worked out perfectly for us.

It’s wonderful for really busy weeks. This week is a perfect example. I’m traveling for work, so when I return I won’t want to go to the grocery or even think about dinner. Lucky for me, there will be no need to. I’ll have meals ready to go for the weekend. Easy, peasy. Next week is Thanksgiving, so I’ll probably cancel as we’ll be out and about.

Cons of EveryPlate

The meals do get a bit repetitive. There is a pretty big selection, but I do see the same meals every few weeks. There are some we really love so I’m excited to see those, but some weeks I can’t find three that we love. Those are often the weeks I don’t use the service.

They aren’t always fast meals. Some take 20 minutes to prepare but others take up to 45 minutes, so if you are rushed it can be a bit challenging.

EveryPlate recipe cards

You do have to cancel a few days ahead of time. Since I can plan a few weeks in advance on the website, I haven’t run into any issues here, but I can see where you could accidentally order a box a week you didn’t need it. So you do have to remember that you are signed up for this service.

Not all the ingredients are organic. Since I don’t use all organic food, that’s okay with me, but for some people, it might be an issue. The food has always been fresh – I’ve never had a complaint, but be aware it’s not an organic or local service.

In Summary

I’m a huge fan of EveryPlate. It’s not my main source for dinners, but it is an excellent tool in my homemaking belt for busy weeks. For me, it’s been a great way to continue to easily reach my goal of eating dinner at home as a family.

Want to try it out for yourself? Click on this link and you’ll receive $20 off your first box. If you love it, fantastic. If you don’t, feel free to cancel. If you do decide to try it out, I’d love to know what you think!

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Everyplate review - my totally honest opinion.
My totally honest review of Everyplate