The BEST Nature Experiences in Fishers Indiana

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Hamilton County has so many fun things to do and places to go that it can be overwhelming trying to decide how to spend your precious weekend days. If getting outside is high on your list, then here are 6 fantastic nature experiences in Fishers, Indiana to get you started!

1. Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve

One of the first nature experiences in Fishers Indiana that I discovered years ago is Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve. I visited on a field trip when one of my kiddos was in elementary school and I was amazed! I had no idea this little slice of heaven was tucked away in the busy town of Fishers, Indiana!

Ritchey Woods is an amazing one of several nature experiences in fishers indiana

What is there to do at Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve?

Ritchey Woods is a marvelous place to hike. There are numerous trails, and as long as your dog is on a leash, dog friendly. You might get lucky and spot deer or other wildlife.

One of the really interesting areas within Ritchey Woods is a boggy swamp area with wooden walkways all across it. When it’s raining and the area is full of water you can easily find frogs and tadpoles. Kids really like to see what they can spot and see – it’s an ideal place for exploration.

Spend time hiking with your dog at Ritchey Woods in Fishers, Indiana

The preserve also has many wonderful areas to picnic in, so consider packing a lunch or picking up something to enjoy from a nearby restaurant. Although Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve feels very isolated, it’s actually right in the midst of quite a few commercial areas!

2. Conner Prairie Habitat

Unlike the other nature experiences in this list, Conner Prairie’s Habitat is just one part of a larger outdoor (and indoor) experience. Conner Prairie is a true gem located in Fishers, Indiana.

What is Conner Prairie Habitat?

Habitat is Conner Prairie’s latest exhibit. In conjunction with Smithsonian Gardens, Conner Prairie has created a series of unique habitats throughout the property. Pick up a map and head out to search for them – any kid (or adult) who loves scavenger hunts will especially enjoy the process of finding each habitat.

Local artists contributed to Conner Prairie's new Habitats Exhibit.

While you are discovering the various habitats, you’ll learn a bit about each type of habitat and enjoy parts of Conner Prairie you might not have seen before.

As these habitats were created, Conner Prairie called in several local artists as well as enlisted the help of Conner Prairie guests when possible. One example is that visitors helped gather items for the bug box located at the Conner House.

The Bug Box at Conner Prairie

This exhibit is a wonderful mix of nature, art, and learning about a variety of habitats in a unique way. It’s a wonderful addition to Conner Prairie and a truly unique nature experience.

When can you visit Conner Prairie Habitat?

Conner Prairie Habitat can be visited whenever Conner Prairie’s grounds are open. The best times to visit would be Spring through Fall as the weather is most amenable to being outside and the grounds are typically open to visitors.

Another Conner Prairie Habitats Exhibit

What else is there to do at Conner Prairie?

There is so much more to do at Conner Prairie. Although you absolutely should check out the habitats, make sure to allow yourself time for all of the other amazing experiences Conner Prairie offers.

Inside Conner Prairie has several interesting areas to explore including Spark!Lab (another Smithsonian exhibit), Discovery Station, and a really fun little store.

Enjoy Conner Prairie's Spark!Lab

Head outdoors and spend time in the Lenape Indian Camp. Visit the animals in the barn. Check out the buildings and residents of Prairetown, and spend time in Dupont at the Civil War Exhibit. And that’s just the beginning!

Is Conner Prairie fun for adults?

Conner Prairie is fun for everyone. Anyone interested in history or just being outside in nature will appreciate Conner Prairie. In addition, Conner Prairie has many annual events such as Symphony on the Prairie that are very much geared toward adults.

If you want to take things a step further, check out the website for classes and special events specifically created for older visitors.

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3. Flat Fork Creek Park

If outdoor activities are your jam, Flat Fork Creek is the nature experience in Fishers for you. It is one of the newest parks in Hamilton County, and is located at 16141 E. 101st St.

What is there to do at Flat Fork Creek?

There is SO much to do at Flat Fork Creek Park. From a huge sledding hill perfect for snowy winter days to miles of walking trails open year-round, this is definitely a park for any day of the year.

Flat Fork Creek park is a nature experience in Fishers, Indiana

Flat Fork Creek has some lovely trails – some paved ones that are great for dog walking. We like to grab a coffee from the nearby Schoolhouse 7 Coffee Shop and walk the trail with our pup.

A few other highlights include the sledding hill and the mountain biking trails. The sledding hill is 60 feet high so on snowy days it’s always a hot spot for kids to bring their sleds and have some winter fun. And on the mountain biking trails, you’ll discover ramps and other fun things to explore.

Mountain biking at Flat Fork Creek is one of several fun nature experiences in Fishers Indiana

Another unique feature is a treehouse – ADA accessible. It’s easy to get to and has wonderful views of the wooded areas of the park.

Finally, there is a large pond perfect for fishing. With all these fun activities you could easily spend a fun afternoon enjoying all that Flat Fork Creek has to offer.

4. Saxony Beach

A beach in Fishers, Indiana? Surprisingly there is one – and a nice one too! Although Saxony Beach is only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, when it’s open, it’s a nice change of pace from the typical park or nature reserve. Saxony Beach is located at 13358 Pennington Road.

What is there to do at Saxony Beach?

Due to the unique nature of Saxony Beach, if you aren’t a Fishers resident you will have to pay an admission fee – so be ready for that. However, if you are craving a beach adventure, it’s worth the cost!

At Saxony Beach, you can rent kayaks, have fun on an inflatable water obstacle course, or just lounge on the sand. So you can be as active or as lazy as you’d like! If you have a fishing permit you can even do a little fishing when you visit.

You can bring in food and drinks, but no alcohol and no dogs are allowed – so this isn’t the park to visit with your pup. There are lifeguards, and they will close the beach area if there is lightning or a storm in the area, so don’t plan your visit if storms are in the forecast.

Although I really love wooded parks, it’s nice that we have a beach option for a fun change of pace!

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5. Fishers AgriPark

Unlike the other nature experiences in Fishers, Indiana, Fishers AgriPark is quite unique and as such is only open for limited hours between spring and fall (check their site for specific times before you visit). It’s located at 11171 Florida Road.

What is Fishers AgriPark?

An AgriPark is a fairly new name for a park that’s main purpose is to educate visitors about farming. Although there are still farms in Hamilton County, these days the majority of the county consists of suburbs. And Fishers is no exception. So, although farming might have been the origin of the area, most families don’t know much about farming beyond what they see on TV.

Fishers AgriPark is a park that is also a working farm. And it’s the only one of its kind in Fishers, so if you want to enjoy some unique nature experiences in Fishers Indiana, for sure go check out Fishers AgriPark.

What is there to do at Fishers AgriPark?

At Fishers AgriPark you’ll find farm animals, a large vegetable garden, a naturally constructed playground and so much more. There’s even a mud kitchen!

Insider tip: If you know your kids will get muddy, pack some clean clothes or at least towels for them to clean up with before getting back in the car.

Fishers AgriPark also has a large barn where they hold community educational events and school programs. If you time it right, you can plan your visit during an event at the barn or even a seasonal event.

Finally, be sure to check out the handmade kindness rocks along the nature trail.

6. Cheeney Creek Natural Area

Cheeney Creek Natural Area is actually a new park for me! I wasn’t even aware it existed until I started searching out nature experiences in Fishers Indiana. Turns out, it’s a lovely hidden gem located at 11030 Fishers Pointe Boulevard. And when I discovered it, I was floored – it’s less than a mile from our first house. A lot has changed since I lived there!

Visit Cheeney Creek Natural Area right in fishers.

What is there to do at Cheeney Creek Natural Area?

Although a small park (25 acres), Cheeney Creek Natural Area actually has quite a bit to offer. There are two trails that equal about 2 miles. One is a nature trail, so more of an easy hiking experience and the other is a multi-use trail so ideal for biking or walking with a stroller.

There is also a small pond with several designated fishing spots, so if your kids (or you) are looking for a place to fish, this little park would be ideal. The pond is stocked, but you do need to be sure you have an Indiana fishing license unless you visit on the annual free-fishing day (check the Indiana DNR page for info).

Conclusion: Nature Experiences in Fishers Indiana

From mountain biking through the trees to learning about natural animal and insect habitats, there are plenty of fun things to do in Fishers, Indiana for everyone. Get outside and explore!


 Hamilton County has so many fun things to do and places to go that it can be overwhelming trying to decide how to spend your precious weekend days. If getting outside is high on your list, then here are 6 fantastic nature experiences in Fishers, Indiana to get you started! #natureexperiences #getoutside #indiana
Hamilton County has so many fun things to do and places to go that it can be overwhelming trying to decide how to spend your precious weekend days. If getting outside is high on your list, then here are 6 fantastic nature experiences in Fishers, Indiana to get you started! #natureexperiences #getoutside #indiana