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Some mornings I wake up and I just don’t know what to eat . . . sometimes even lunch is the same way.  When in doubt, I simply whip up one of my EASY, nutritious and delicious omelets.

Omelets sound difficult, but in reality they are such a quick and easy way to start your day off on a healthy note, with veggies and enough protein to last you until lunchtime.  Plus, they can be made with pretty much ANY veggie you have on hand, and they will always be delicious!

Here is my foolproof method:

1.  Dice up your veggies – I use whatever is on hand, typically peppers, mushrooms, spinach, etc.  If I have time, I’ll dice up enough for two or three omelets and just keep the extras in a container in my fridge for later in the week.  I use a lot of veggies – at least 3/4 to a cup total.

2.  Saute the veggies in a small bit of olive oil – make sure the pan is pretty hot.  Although I prefer to use cast iron, this is one instance where I’ll use a non-stick (but safe version) skillet.  The skillet should be pretty small – 8 inch is about right.

3.  Once the veggies are crisp tender and any greens are wilted, pour over one egg that has been beaten with about a teaspoon of milk (regular, rice, coconut, whatever).

4.  Let the mixture sit until you can lift up the sides of the egg – you may want to do that every once in a while and lift the skillet a bit to “push” any runny egg to the edge so it can cook also.

5.  Once the egg mixture is set, carefully slide your spatula underneath and use it to lift the egg mixture up and flip it over.  If the mixture is cooked through enough, this will be pretty easy, but it does take a bit of practice.  Also, if you use a wet veggie (like tomato) it might not flip as easily.  I never fret – worst case scenario you’ll have a yummy egg scramble!

6.  Let the egg cook on this side for a minute or two and add a bit of cheese if you’d like – my favorites are goat cheese or freshly grated parmesan.

7.  Fold in half and slide off your plate.

8.  Enjoy!


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