Need some Goal Setting Inspiration?

It’s January.  The month of setting resolutions.  Or creating a word for the

First draft of my core desired feelings!
First draft of my core desired feelings!

year.  Or drafting an extensive list of goals.  Whatever method you choose, there is no denying that most of us take stock in January and try to figure out how to make changes in our lives to improve the areas we feel need improving.

This year, I’m taking my time and really thinking about what I want in 2016 and how I want to feel.  Am I creating goals?  Of course, but they will be centered around how I want to feel by the end of the year, not what I want to “accomplish.”  It’s a slow-going process, so I probably won’t be sharing them until the end of the month.

In the meantime, perhaps you’d like some assistance or a new way of looking at goal creation.  I’m sharing my favorite courses, books and online resources for goal creation.  Some of the links are affiliates, some aren’t, but ALL of them are something I’ve tried myself and felt was valuable.

Time Management

Goal Setting

  • Michael Hyatt is an expert on goal setting – I took his 5-day course “Creating Your Best Year Ever” a few years ago and picked up some tips I still use today.  I’m not sure if/when he’s offering this course again, but his website is full of terrific tips on setting and achieving your goals.
  • This year, I’m trying something new and going through Danielle LaPorte’s  The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul – truth be told I’ve had the book for a few years and decided THIS was the year to attack it.  So far, I absolutely LOVE it, LOVE the method, and am excited to see how it pans out.  Warning, you can spend hours on her site, so beware . . .

Business Planning

  • Interested in a career in Health Coaching?  Then IIN is the place to go – I completed my training back in 2011 and still find what I learned to be current and useful.
  • What about life coaching?   Mentor Masterclass may be the training for you – I spent most of 2015 working with Jey in this class and loved it – it’s a lot of work, but so worthwhile.
  • As I’ve mentioned multiple times, Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time is a fantastic resource for getting things done.
  • If you want to create or polish up a blog, then check out 31 Days to a Building a Better Blog.  There is an actionable tip for each day – and by the end of the 31 days you’ll have a solid blog in place.

Family/ Kids 

What about you?  What resources have you found that are helpful in setting or creating goals?  I’m always up for checking out something new, so please share in the comments!

*some of these links are affiliate links and some I just love*