Too many margaritas

Never Fear, Hangover Help is HERE!

Was Saint Patrick’s Day a little hard on you?  Too much green beer?

It can happen to the best of us.  A fun night out becomes too much fun, and wow do you pay the next day.Too many margaritas

So, is there a great way to recover quickly?  Because let’s face it, no one wants to just wait until the next day to feel great again.

Although time is your best ally, there are a few things you can do to make yourself feel better:

  1. Eat up.  It isn’t just an urban myth that eating a big breakfast will help you feel better.  Although you may crave grease, skip the fast food drive-through and make yourself a big veggie omelet (adding some much-needed antioxidants) and a hearty piece of whole grain toast with butter.
  2. Walk it off.   Although getting off the couch may sound like the LAST thing you want to do, exercise will actually help you feel better fast.  And getting outside into the sunlight will help lift your mood and wake you up.  However, if your head is pounding or your stomach is queasy, don’t try to run a 5k, just a brisk walk in the fresh air should do the trick.
  3. Stop the pounding.  Alcohol can cause inflammation that makes your head hurt!  Take ibuprofen with a big glass of water to help hydrate, and then cover your eyes with a cold eye mask and pinch the skin between your thumb and pointer finger.  You should feel quite a bit better after about five minutes.
  4. Settle that stomach.  Alcohol can irritate the stomach lining – which isn’t going to feel good on your gut.  Give a probiotic a try (look for one that contains lactobacillus) and if you can’t stomach the big breakfast, at least try some toast with butter.
  5. Relax . . .  Add 3-4 drops of Lemon or Grapefruit Essential Oil to a warm bath and soak for 15 to 20 minutes.  If you don’t have the time, dilute a few drops of either oil and rub over your liver and on the back of your neck.  Then drink a large glass of water with a drop or two of each oil.

How do you manage these occasions?  Any tips and tricks to keep yourself from overindulging?  Share in the comments, please!