New Experiences for March!

This week I challenged you to try something new!  As promised, here is a re-cap of what I tried that was new this month:

Try Something New!

  • As I mentioned yesterday, I tried a new exercise class.  The class is called Barre and it’s a combination of Ballet-type Barre work, pilates and a bit of yoga.  It was FUN and my legs were burning the next day.  So even though I work out consistently, by trying something new I really pushed my muscles.  I’ll be continuing this class for a while for sure!
  • I also did a two-week cleanse.  This was challenging for me, but so worth-while.  I described how I ate in this post, so no need to repeat that. Here I’d prefer to share my thoughts and results.  After two weeks of eating ultra clean, I definitely felt great, lost a few pounds and best of all, I really eliminated my sugar cravings.  Our household eats quite well, but we do enjoy our sweets.  After the holidays I was getting into a “3:00 square of dark chocolate” habit.  Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with dark chocolate, but when it’s a habit, not something you really want to eat, maybe you should question it.  After two weeks of no dark chocolate, I no longer craved it at 3:00 everyday.  In fact, I’m not quite as interested in sweets overall as I was – and that’s a good thing in my book!
  • Finally, I really upped my usage of Essential Oils this month.  And it felt great.  I was able to replace some of the chemicals in our house with pure essential oils and I found dozens of new uses for them!  So excited to investigate my oil of the month – Lavender starting next week!

So, how about you?  Try something new?  Or at least have concrete plans for trying something new?  Share them please!