Enjoy a visit to a ski resort even if you aren't a skier

Non-Skier? How to still enjoy a ski trip

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How can a non-skier still enjoy a ski trip? Are you a non-skier in a family full of skiers? Or just someone who’s been invited along to a ski trip and isn’t thrilled with the idea of skiing every day?

Or maybe you are like me, and love to ski, but don’t want to spend every minute of your vacation doing it. If any of those scenarios describe your situation, then this post is for you!

Even though the main focus of a ski trip is skiing, there are almost always lots of other activities nearby for those family members who don’t ski. When we go skiing every year, we always sprinkle a few of these activities into the trip, but honestly, we could still have a fabulous winter vacation even if we ONLY participated in the non-skiing activities.

Relax by the fire

There is nothing as relaxing as snuggling up next to a roaring fire with a good book and a hot cup of coffee (or something stronger if you prefer). If you are extra lucky, said fireplace has a view of the ski slopes so you can also watch the excitement of the slopes while you are warm and cozy.

If you love to read, you can easily spend a few lovely hours enjoying yourself while the rest of the group is out on the mountain.

Enjoy the fire with a good book on your next ski trip.

Explore the nearby towns

We ski Boyne Mountain every year and the little towns surrounding it are wonderful places to spend a few hours poking around cute stores, enjoying a cup of local coffee, and picking up some local treats for later. Even if we ski every day, we always save a few hours to explore at least one of them each year.

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Spend a day shopping in downtown Petoskey on your next ski trip!

Enjoy a spa break

Most ski resorts have a wonderful spa, and while it might seem pricey to indulge in a massage or pedicure, just remember how much you are saving on lift tickets and it won’t seem outrageous at all! You’ll be able to fully relax, rejuvenate and meet the rest of the party apres ski!

Soak up the atmosphere

If it’s a warmer, sunny day, go ahead and bundle up as if you were going to ski and then settle in near a fire at the base of the mountain with a drink in hand. We end most ski days with street tacos from the taco truck and a cold cider, but there is no reason you couldn’t make that a fun activity without skiing. It’s fun to people watch and if you are dressed appropriately, it’s not cold at all and so rejuvenating to take in the fresh air!

Enjoy a day at the base of the mountain with street tacos and cold ciders.

There are so many other fun things to do at a ski resort that I haven’t even begun to touch upon, but these few will get you started! Don’t pass up that winter ski trip just because you prefer not to ski – you can still have a fantastic vacation AND you don’t have to worry about injuries!

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Not a skier but your family wants to go on a ski trip? You can still have a great time - here are some of my top tips for you! #skivacation #ouradventureiseverywhere #wintervacations
Want to take your family on a ski trip, but you don't like to ski? No worries -you can still have a fabulous time! Check out my favorite suggestions here! #skivacation #wintervacations #ouradventureiseverywhere