November 2013 Goal Re-cap

How did you do this month?  Here is my update: Thanksgiving Turkey


  • Write and submit one guest post  – I WILL succeed this month!!!  Done – I submitted 3 (none published yet though).
  • Begin sharing information about January 2014  Healthy Eating Programfirst post next week! Done – find out the program details HERE – it’s gonna be FUN!
  • Several tasty and healthy new recipesDone, check out crab dip, salsa dip, oatmeal bar and Eggplant “Parmesan”
  • Finish updating coaching programs – did a little work here, I suspect I’ll finish this up next year
  • Create 2014 blog calendar outlinedone!  A few changes in the works, probably fewer posts, but more in-depth


  • Read 4 booksdone – I enjoyed Life Lessons, The Storyteller (took me a while to get started, but I loved it by the end), Necessary Lies and Eight Cousins (with the kids – this was one of MY childhood favorites).  Check them out HERE or at your local library.
  • Date Night 1-2x this monthdone – even a weekend away!
  • One-on-one time with kidsWicked with my daughter (we did take Daddy) and a birthday breakfast with my little guy!
  • Plan and book Spring Break and Summer vacations – where should we go this summer? Spring Break is DONE – working on summer
  • Clean out the Master Bedroom closet! – almost done!

I mention up above the January Program – it’s going to be so much fun.  It will be a four-week online course that will teach you step by step how to help yourself (and your family) become healthier eaters.  We’ll discuss shopping (how, where, saving money), meal preparation (meal planning, time-saving tips, sample menus), encouraging healthy eating for your kids and wrap it all up with how to successfully eat well on the go.  If you aren’t already on my newsletter list, you’ll want to sign up TODAY – I’ll be offering early enrollment with a discount to my newsletter subscribers.

So any ideas for summer vacations for us?  We typically go to Florida but feel like mixing things up this year!

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