October Goals

Wow!  Another month already!  This month, I’ll still be working on my “rest of the year” goals, but there are also a few special things we’ll concentrate on for the month of October.  I introduced them back in January, and here we are in October – amazing!

So October’s theme is Meditation/ Relaxation.  I figured that this is something I’d like to have down pat before the craziness of the holiday season is upon us!

In October we’ll discuss the following:

  • How to relax
  • What’s up with meditation?
  • Tea – why drink it?
  • Some yummy new recipes
  • Assorted other tips and money saving tricks!

If there is anything in particular you’d be interested in around these topics, let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to add it to the list!

Here’s to a great month.

I know you want to create the healthy, happy life you deserve.  Let me help you get there.  As a certified health coach, I work one on one with clients to create sustainable, easy changes that will improve your health and your overall well-being.  Contact me today and let’s work together!


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