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Have you been hearing about the amazing properties of essential oils but just don’t know how or where to start? Do you want an EASY way to get yourself educated about (and using) essential oils?



The Essential Oil of the Month Challenge

I know when I first heard about essential oils I was so excited to learn about them and start using them.  I ordered my kit and once it came I excitedly opened it up.  I looked at the pretty bottles, smelled them all, but then I didn’t know what to do next.  I knew there were dozens of uses for all these oils – I knew they had wonderful benefits – but I had no idea how to start.  It was overwhelming.

This monthly oil challenge is designed to be fun and rewarding. Not only will you get to experiment with the world of aromatherapy and the power of essential oils, you will end up with 12 versatile oils that you are knowledgeable about and successfully use!  By the end of the year you will be comfortable with essential oils, know when and how to use them and be able to truly enjoy your purchase!

You don’t have to participate every month, but I encourage you to – the more you use your oils, the more comfortable you’ll get and the more you’ll enjoy them.  Also, you never know which oils will be the ones you absolutely fall in love with, so it’s smart to try lots of them!

Each month you will receive:

  • your oil of the month – (if you purchase it through me)
  • a pdf. with the best ways to use the oil (and why) – (if you purchase through me)
  • a monthly challenge to encourage you to put the oil to use
  • a Facebook Live session with examples of how to use the oil and info about the oil
  • a monthly summary of all posts and info shared (if you sign up for the list HERE)
  • a chance to ask questions about the oil on my FB page
  • support from experienced oil educators and users
  • interaction with others trying out the oil!

You will also be privy to a Facebook group where we talk about our results!  If you want to buy oils and participate fully, you may purchase your oils one of three ways:

#1 Send me an email and tell me you want to join – let me know which months you’d like and I’ll send you a package with the oils you need (I will combine shipping if you purchase multiple oils so it won’t be $7.99 each).

February Oil – Joy $54.93 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)

March Oil – Lemon $14.80 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)

April Oil – Lavender $30.92 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)

May Oil – Tea Tree $34.21 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)

June Oil – Purification – $24.67 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)  

July Oil – Peppermint – $28.29 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)

August Oil – Brain Power (5ml) – $85.20 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)  

September Oil – Thieves $44.41 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)

October Oil – RC $29.93 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)

November Oil – DiGize $43.09 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)

December Oil – Frankincense $96.71 retail + $7.99 shipping (and tax will be added)


#2 Through Young Living as a customer – just select the oil for the current and upcoming months:  Pam’s Young Living Website

If you think you’ll want to participate every month, I’d recommend purchasing the Start Living with Everyday Oils kit – it contains almost all the oils you’ll need each month, plus it’s an EXCELLENT deal – so definitely a money saver!  If you go this route, you will also need to purchase RC and DiGize but not until later in the year.

#3 Through your new wholesale account with me.  Sign up here and get some great freebies thrown in by me.  Free Access to Private Groups and other goodies)

     What is a wholesale account? Learn more here.

Once again, consider signing up with the Premium Starter kit – it’s an even better deal as a distributor, you get a very useful diffuser and you’ll just need to purchase Tea Tree and Joy separately – but you can buy them at the wholesale price – and look at how much cheaper that is!!!

      Here are the current prices for the oils we will be covering:

February – Joy $54.93 retail/ $41.75 wholesale

March – Lemon $14.80 retail/ $11.25 wholesale

April – Lavender $30.92 retail/ $23.50 wholesale

May – Tea Tree $34.21 retail/ $26.00 wholesale

June – Purification $24.67 retail/ $18.75 wholesale

July – Peppermint $28.29 retail/ $21.50 wholesale

August – Brain Power (5ml)  $85.20 retail/ $64.20 wholesale

September – Thieves $44.31 retail/ $33.75 wholesale

October – R.C. – $29.93 retail/ $22.75 wholesale

November – DiGize – $43.09 retail/ $32.75 wholesale

December – Frankincense – $96.71 retail/ $73.50 wholesale

  • Plus Shipping of $7.99 & taxes

Not ready to purchase oils?  You can still participate in most of the monthly events – AND get a monthly summary so you don’t miss a thing – just add yourself to the Oil of the Month List HERE.

Each month I’ll also do a post or two about the oil and there will be some info on my Facebook page, so if you don’t want to use Young Living Oils, you can still follow along and try some of the “recipes” and uses yourself.  I can’t guarantee the quality of any other oils, so use at your own risk.  Also, please don’t ingest any oils without doing your own research.

If you decide to order as a customer or wholesale through me, or just have questions on how this program works, please send me an email here  so I can help you out.  This will also give me the heads up so I can get you into the Facebook group and all the other extras!  Thanks and enjoy!

Check out the monthly specials for distributors here – some great FREE oils every month!

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