As promised last month, here is a re-cap of my favorite uses for Young Living Peppermint Oil (our September Oil of the Month) Young Living peppermint oil

  1. As a sinus “wake-up.”  We’ve had lots of stuffed up noses around here this fall – allergies are BAD.  To clear out your sinuses instantly, simply place a drop or two of Young Living Peppermint Oil on your tongue and then inhale through your nose (with your mouth closed).  Instant clearing – think of the feeling you get after taking a bite of wasabi – it’s that strong.
  2. Freshen breath – as a side bonus to #1, you’ll have nice fresh minty breath after placing the oil on your tongue.
  3. Adding to my Mocha!  Love Peppermint Mochas but concerned about the chemicals (and calories) in the peppermint syrup?  Worry no more – add a drop or two of Young Living Peppermint oil to your mocha and enjoy a healthy minty taste!
  4. Stomach issues.  Rubbing a few drops of peppermint oil on your upset tummy is quite soothing.
  5. Refreshing drink.  Add a drop to your glass of water and enjoy a cool and refreshing drink – it will also help settle an upset stomach.

Please note that I am ONLY recommending consuming the brand Young Living Peppermint Oil.  I can not vouch for any other brand and in fact am positive that some peppermint oils are NOT safe to consume.

Interested in getting your hands on your own bottle of Young Living Peppermint oil?  One bottle contains hundreds of drops so even with daily use will last you quite a long time.  Check out my Young Living website to order a bottle for yourself!

Would you like to learn easy and helpful tips like this for a wide variety of oils?  Consider joining the Oil of the Month Club – there is NO long-term commitment – you can purchase an oil any month you’d like (or not), and you’ll receive info on over 25 ways to use the oil of the month!  There are only a few months left this year, but we’ll continue on next year with new oils!  Check out the details HERE.

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