Tuesday Challenge – Plan Something Special for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!This week you get a FUN challenge!  It might go against the grain for some of you who don’t like to plan or feel too busy this week, but I encourage you to go for it!

This week the challenge is to plan something special for Valentine’s Day.


There are several great reasons for planning something special for someone else:

  • It will make them feel great – who doesn’t love to know that someone else cared enough about them to plan something special for them?
  • It will help grow your relationship – connecting with and thinking about others is a great way to improve your relationship bonds – something that is very important for emotional and whole health.
  • YOU will feel great.  There is nothing like the feeling you get when you do something  nice for someone else.


Notice, I didn’t say do something difficult, time-consuming or unique – I just said special.   So it can be as simple as you’d like.  It can also be for whomever you’d like – your significant other, your kids, even a good friend.  Heck – give a Starbucks gift card to your favorite cashier at the grocery – I don’t care, just take a few minutes out of your day today to plan a little something special to mark the up-coming holiday.

Need some ideas?  Here are a few easy, inexpensive ones I shared last week.  Or how about setting the table the night before with some red plates and napkins and placing a homemade Valentine on each plate – a fun, festive way to start the day!  Have school aged kids?  Pick them up after school and take them out for hot chocolate or ice cream.  Or have a fun after school snack ready along with their favorite game to play or a new book to read.

Take five minutes right now and plan something special, then take the necessary steps to implement – you’ll be glad you did it!  Make sure and share what you did in the comments – we could all use new ideas!

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